What are Hybrid Events?

A hybrid event mixes an in-person audience with a 'virtual audience'. Although the first Hybrid event occurred in 1992, the COVID19 pandemic transformed the way businesses and organisations run events. There is a good definition of hybrid events on Wikipedia. Many commercial and non-profit events enjoy the increased exposure that hybrid events bring them, such as:

  • Conferences
  • Political Events
  • Seminars
  • Training Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Trade Shows
  • Music Gigs
  • Arts Performances
Photos of a hybrid event with live streaming.

Why run your event as a Hybrid Event?

Increased exposure

You can significantly increase exposure by running your event as a Hybrid event. Live streaming your event removes the geographic and time related barriers that obstruct attendance to an event venue, so many more people become able to participate. Companies can increase the reach of their internal communications, whilst political and non-profit organisations can mitigate the busy lives of their stakeholders. Artists can also enjoy the increased exposure offered by Hybrid Events without costly and risky investment in larger venues.

Increased revenue

Hybrid Events greatly increase revenue opportunities and could also reduce costs. Since the COVID19 global pandemic, the way we use technology to experience events has changed dramatically. The world now embraces video streaming as a way of experiencing an event. Some people now prefer the convenience of viewing from the home or office, rather than travelling out to an event. And they are willing to pay for the privilege. In addition to the new or increased digital revenue stream, event operators can save money by reducing the physical size of their event venues thanks to the reduced in-person attendance.

A photograph showing the filming of a hybrid event in the UK by Concept Live Streaming.

How to run a Hybrid Event


Planning and running a professional hybrid event requires the involvement of a live streaming company. Concept LIVE has delivered many hybrid events since 2004 spanning political, non-profit, business, and commercial sectors, so we know how to run a professional hybrid event. One of the first stages we run through with you is a Pre-Production Workshop where we identify the requirements of the event. From there we produce pre-recorded content and help you build your virtual audience pre-event engagement and ticket sales / hybrid event signups.

Asset Production and Audience Engagement

Hybrid event live streams should carry the branding and match the experience your audience would otherwise have if they visited the event in person. It is not simply enough to set-up a webcam pointed at the stage. Concept LIVE can prepare recorded videos (VT), graphics and titles to visually and audiably enhance and match the experience your online viewer has to your in-person audience.

Running the Hybrid Event

Before the hybrid event starts, our crew sets up the cameras, microphones, lighting, and the live streaming equipment. Where possible, we will run two live streams across two internet feeds, typically the venue's internet and a backup 4g or 5g mobile connection. This approach mitigates risk of the main internet feed failing. Before the event starts, we run a pre-event video stream with branded graphics and topical sound. Your hybrid event viewers will see this as hold content whilst they wait for the start. When the hHybrid event begins, our camera operators and vision mixer will cut between wide and close-up cameras, creating an impressive and professional video live stream.

A photograph of a hybrid event pre-production workshop.

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