What are Breakout Rooms?

Breakout Rooms are a way of breaking a larger virtual meeting or live stream into smaller working clusters for part of the event.

When you Live Stream company wide or to departments, there are times where you might want to break the event up and allow smaller focus groups to work together. For example, you may use breakout rooms where smaller teams need to share and create ideas as part of a contribution to a wider project.

When a live stream splits out into breakout rooms, the participants are separated from the main stream and set-up in a form of video conference meeting. After a period of time, people are usually then brought back into the main live stream to continue the event together.

Breakout Rooms during Live Streams.

Why use Breakout Rooms during Live Streamed events?

Engagement, Team bulding and collaborative results!

Like Viewer Polls, breakout rooms are a great way of engaging your audience and creating interaction beyond passive live stream viewing. Live Stream Breakout Rooms help create and share knowledge which can become a valuable contribution.

Breakout Rooms typically either progress or discuss the current live stream narrative. They also provide a refreshing and brain-triggering break from the main live stream event.

Breakout Rooms create stronger team engagement.

How to set-up and run Breakout Rooms during a Live Stream...

Breakout Rooms are a feature of business collaboration platforms. At Concept LIVE, we typically use business focused live streaming platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace, which allow you to set-up and run Viewer Polls during a Live Stream.

To set-up a Breakout Room, the platform dashboard will have a number of scheduling options including how many rooms you want, the option of a pre-determined audience allocation and Breakout Room running time.

We recommend scheduling Breakout Rooms at specified intervals. Following a Breakout Room, you would typically open up your live stream to one speaker from each room to report back on the outcomes from the Breakout Room Session.

Setting up Breakout Rooms during Live Streaming events increases engagement.

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