What is an Interactive Live Stream Conference?

An interactive live stream conference is about moving beyond the lens of the camera into real-time engagement with your audience. Think about how many times you have been to a dull, uninspiring talk where you struggle to keep your eyes open; or worse, a live streamed conference that you switch on and then do something else while it plays.

To stop your viewers experiencing conference fatigue, spice up the live stream with interactive elements.

For regular live streamed communication events, you may wish to look at our Webinar Live Streaming Services.

Interactive Live Stream Conference services by Concept LIVE.

Interactive Options For Your Live Streamed Conference

Viewer Polls

Your event can include polls at various times throughout the live stream, engaging your audience and collect opinions and knowledge. Concept LIVE operators run these polls at scheduled times. We support the poll by playing pre-rendered video graphics and titles in the main video stream while people participate. Discover more about Live Stream Polls here

Breakout Rooms

A great way to deliver team-building opportunities. With carefully planned scheduling and content, your audience can share ideas, discuss content from the live streamed conference, all whilst significantly improving overall engagement in your event. Discover more about Live Stream Breakout Rooms here

Interactive Live Streaming Conference Polls and Breakout rooms.

Fully Managed Interactive Live Streaming

Our experts have live streamed countless hours of professional business conferences to thousands of people world-wide. Let us help deliver your interactive conference with ease.

Concept Live Streaming Conference specialists ensure your viewers experience a seemless conference, complete with title credits, live vision mixing and interactive elements.

Interactive Business Live Streaming Conference Management Services by Concept LIVE.

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