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Costs for Professional Sports Live Streaming

Our Sports Live Streaming costs are competitively priced and our service is professional and flexible. We offer more competitive sports live stream prices for regular streams or as part of our Video Production by Subscription offer.

These packages are based on typical requirements, but if your need differs from our sports live streaming packages, just ask and we can customise almost anything. Our Sports Live streaming packages span from a basic live stream cost with a single camera live streamed, through to a fully managed multi-camera sports live stream production with action replays, player graphics, commentator packs and editable recordings.

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Live Streaming Costs.

Sports Live Streaming Packages

Our Live Sports Video Streaming Prices start from...

Live Stream

  • Prices starting from...
  • £980 +vat

    • Single HD Camera
    • On-Camera Sound
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    Pro Sports
    Live Stream

    £4,700 +vat

    • Multiple Static HD Cameras
    • Opening titles (Still)
    • Presenter Microphones
    • Recording
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    Broadcast Sports
    Live Stream

    £14,500 +vat

    • Multiple Studio Cameras with operators or remote PTZ control
    • Opening titles (Video)
    • Name Titles and player info
    • Video Playback
    • Upto 4x Commentator Mics & Headphones & Monitor
    • Audio Package
    • Venue Large LED Screen SDI or HDMI feed
    • Edited Recordings
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    Compare plans

    Basic Live Stream
    from £980 +vat
    Sports Pro Live Stream
    Broadcast Sports Live Stream
    from £9,500
    Video Production by Subscription Discounts (Annual Agreements)
    4 or more days per month - 65% Discount £1,295 £3,325
    2-3 days per month - 60% Discount £1,480 £3,800
    Monthly - 45% Discount £539 £2,035 £5,225
    Quarterly - 25% Discount £735 £2,775 £7,125
    Bi-annually - 20% Discount £2,960 £7,600
    Camera Options
    Multiple 4k Studio Cameras
    HD Camera
    HD Vision Mixer
    Sound Options
    Individual Presenter Mics
    Venue Sound Feed
    On-Camera Mic only
    Graphics & VT Options
    Pre-Stream Titles
    Name Titles (Lower Thirds)
    Interactive Video Titles
    Playback of pre-recorded content (VT)
    Professional Add-Ons
    Remote Guest patched into Live Stream
    Action Replays Optional
    Schedule clock with venue and Presenter Screens
    Teleprompter Optional Optional
    Live Stream Encoding, Venue Screens & Recordings
    Video feed to large LED venue screen
    Video Feed to other screens at the venue Optional
    Interactive Video Titles
    Live Stream Recording (as streamed)
    Videos from Live Stream (edited)

    About our Live Streaming Service

    For all live streams, payment is due at least 10 working days in advance. For short notice live stream work, we will require full payment before we attend.

    Live streaming is offered on a per-day basis. No additional charge is made if the live stream is run from our Television Studios in Buckinghamshire (Unit 3b, LU7 0UU).

    For distances greater than 50 miles from LU7 0UU or for most multi-camera live streams, sustenance costs (including food, travel time and hotel stays for crew) may also apply.

    Mileage is charged in addition at £0.75 +vat per mile from LU7 0UU. For any live stream not running from our Television Studios, parking for a van or car (depending on the production directors requirement) should be provided by you. Unsociable hour rates may be applicable for any work or travel undertaken outside of working hours (9.30 to 5.30).

    In all cases, our standard business Terms and Conditions apply. See for a copy of our current Terms and Conditions.

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