What is a Professional Virtual Meeting?

We have all become familiar with webcam meetings, but time has moved forward since their mass adoption in 2020. Business leaders need to re-adopt professionalism among their colleagues, particularly in the new 'Work from home' culture. Concept LIVE provides high-end video production values for regular team meetings and company-wide meetings.

With teleprompters to ensure you stay on script, and super-sharp and clear live interaction, our affordable virtual meeting production service will ensure you regularly convey an image of consistent professionalism.

For conference live streaming, take a look at our Interactive Live Streaming Conference Services.

Use a video production company for professional zoom meetings.

Our Professional Virtual Meeting Services can include

  • HD Quality presentation slides and camera mixing
  • High-end microphones
  • Virtual meetings streamed from either our TV Studio or your location
  • Professional graphics
  • Access to our professional virtual meeting live streaming scheduling tools

Concept LIVE's webinar streaming equipment is designed to provide a highly professional experience, allowing you to focus on the content.

Webinar equipment at Concept LIVE.

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