What is a Professional Live Streaming event?

A professional live streaming event requires more than a camera connected to a laptop running OB Software (as good as it is!).

To give your audience a live stream experience, we usually deliver the event using high-end TV Production equipment and production management. The key elements of a professional live stream are:

  • Schedule and Content Planning
  • Pre-event audience engagement with social media engagement and ticketing or invites
  • Pre-event presenter training or rehearsals and our event live schedule clock
  • Branded video titles and graphics with pre-recorded VT Title sequences
  • Professional video quality with multiple broadcast cameras and vision mixing
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Professional video stream encoding with uplink stream redundancy.
  • Live Stream Production Management including Viewer Polls, Q&As, Breakout Rooms and remote video link-ups
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We use Broadcast Cameras for maximum live stream quality

Why not just use a webcam for a live stream?

A PC Webcam is not good enough for a Professional Virtual Meetings, Webinars or Live Streamed Events. Their wide angle lenses produce a visual quality that is often poor, distorted and unflattering which can undermine the sincerity of your content. Some webcams may even specify "Full HD 1080" or "4k" - but their "bit rate" is only a fraction compared to the professional broadcast cameras we use.

High Quality Video transforms your Live Stream from Amateur to Professional.

We use the same high-end cameras for our live-streams that we make Broadcast TV Commercials with in the UK. We also use the very best quality microphones in the industry to ensure your audience enjoys a slick, professional experience.

A photograph of professional live streaming cameras.

Sound is important during livestreams

The old saying in Live Stream production goes "An audience will forgive an out of focus picture, but they'll never forgive bad sound'. This is absolutely true. Your viewer expects good quality sound and you risk losing them if they can' hear the presenter properly. Microphones built into laptops or webcams produce very low-quality sound. Mounted microphones built in to even the most professional cameras can achieve poor and distant overall sound quality. Dedicated close-range equipment is required almost every time. Here is a list of the kit we use regularly during our Professional Live Streams:

Lavalier Microphone

A lavalier microphone (also known as a lapel or tie-clip mic) is the ultimate sound source for a live stream. They give you a close, intimate rendition of your presenter's voice which is clear, crisp and, if tuned right, free of background noises from your venue, audience, co-presenters and crew. Companies like RODE, Sennheiser, Shure, and Sony Broadcast & Production make high end lavalier microphones for Professional Live Streaming and Broadcast.

Table or Stand Microphones

Less preferable, but still high quality is a close-range table conference microphone or stand mounted microphone. You won't achieve the same tonal definition as with the lavalier microphone, but it will still be closer and better than an on-camera microphone.

A photograph of a professional live streaming microphone.

How we ensure a live streaming event runs smoothly

Firstly, we identify the content and create a production schedule

Content is king. Whether you're running a Professional Virtual Meeting, Webinar or Global Conference Live Stream, it is essential your presenters know what they are saying and when they are saying it.

Once a live streaming schedule is put together, we programme our production clock with the schedule. During the live stream, the production crew and the presenters can see how far into the live stream we are, how long is left and who's up next. We have designed and programmed our own production clock software which is unique in the industry based on years of experience in live streaming. One of our major features is a simple percentage bar shown alongside a realtime countdown, so presenters can see how long is left in their peripheral vision without breaking eye contact with the camera / viewer.

Next, we prepare the VT, run a rehearsal, and then help you engage your audience

VT is an old Video Production industry term which stands for "Video Tape". Although the days of tape are gone, it means any pre-recorded content such as videos or title sequences that will run during your broadcast. This is loaded on to our dedicated playout equipment. We then do a Production Rehearsal where we run the schedule through from a technical perspective. Once we know the tech follows the plan, we run a final training and rehearsal session with your people. This helps them feel comfortable in front of the camera and irons out any gitches in the original schedule.

Finally, we set-up the Production Equipment and run your live stream

Whether we're running a single camera stream or multi-camera live stream with VT, Breakout Rooms, Q&As and more, our Production Crew will use years of eperience of Live Stream work to deliver a smooth event. Concept LIVE's Production Crew are also prepared to handle challenges during the event to mitigate risk and maintain quality. So, time after time, we deliver Live Streaming events that get feedback for the right reasons.

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