What are Viewer Polls?

Live Streaming Polls or 'Viewer Polls' set a question to your audience and present a range of multiple choice answers. The subject of the Live Stream Poll typically matches the content running in the live stream directly prior to it.

The viewer is offered a range of answers to choose from, usually 3 or 4 answers. In a well coordinated live stream, the viewer poll may be supported with professional graphics and video sequences where the presenter verbally describes the upcoming poll to the viewer.

Viewer Polls during Live Streams.

Why use Viewer Polls during Live Streams?

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

Viewer Polls during a live stream are about engaging your audience and creating the powerful dynamic of two-way interaction beyond passive live stream viewing. Live Stream Polls help collect opinion and knowledge, whilst bringing the live stream alive in the minds of your viewer.

Ensure the quality of the question and the challenge you set appears to have strong relevance to the current subject at that particular moment during the live streaming event. A good questions that inspires interaction will create an overall positivity to the viewers' experience.

Viewer Polls create stronger team engagement.

How to set-up and run Viewer Polls during a Live Stream...

The most well known way to live stream your content is YouTube Live, but unfortunately YouTube doesn't have a way to add viewer polls during live streams.

At Concept LIVE, we typically use business focused live streaming platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace, which allow you to set-up and run Viewer Polls during a Live Stream.

It is best to use Viewer Polls at points in the live stream where your content has a natural break or key information point that you want your viewers to remember.

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