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Live Streaming by Subscription

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Live Streaming by Subscription™

Plan for Professional Video Live Streams as a regular and affordable feature of your communications, marketing or revenue platforms.

Concept Media Group’s new Live Streaming by Subscription Service is truly an evolution of ‘the traditional Production Company’ to meet the new demand for fresh video content. Previously, the cost of one-off live streams could become expensive. Now, Live Streaming by Subscription improves the viability of regular live streaming by reducing cost and increasing reliability.

Whether you need professional live streamed content to generate revenue, boost your social media presence, to market to new and previous customers, or to communicate with staff, contractors. Live Streaming by Subscription makes this affordable.

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    Live Streaming by Subscription Packages

    • Live Streaming by Subscription - Package ONE
      Single camera Live Stream with table microphone.
    • Live Streaming by Subscription - Package TWO
      Small footprint equipment, Up to 4 cameras with two radio mics or table microphones.
    • Live Streaming by Subscription - Package THREE
      Sports Event Package. Up to 3 ENG cameras (with high quality zoom lenses). Audio supplied by venue or room mic.
    • Live Streaming by Subscription - Package FOUR
      Professional Conference or Panel . Up to 3 broadcast grade cameras. Audio supplied by venue or radio mics supplied.
    • Live Streaming by Subscription - Package FIVE
      Television Studio (Buckinghamshire) with multi-camera setup, titled graphics and soundtrack. VT. Table or radio mics. Optional audience space.

    Improve event ROI with live streaming

    Event venues are usually restricted to a specific number of people. Additionally, the costs of providing facilities and security increases significantly as audience members increase. Add a live streamed element to your event to limitlessly and significantly increase the number of potential event ticket holders.

    It is possible to sell tickets to live streams. Increase your revenue and ROI at your events without the physical logistics costs of increasing venue capacity.

    Our Live Streaming by Subscription service can be used across multiple events and locations, so if you’re an event organiser, use this service to save money on your live streaming costs.

    Protect against the impact of Covid19 on your event

    Events rely on physical attendance to generate revenue. The effect of the Covid19 pandemic and with government restrictions and lockdowns becoming unpredictable, public confidence for paying for and attending events remains low and changeable. Introduce Live Streaming as part of your proposition to increase sales and protect against the volatile nature of the current events landscape.