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The world's most affordable secure cloud-based Webinar / Webcasting solution

The Concept Media Group owns and operates the Cloud-based Webinar platform and webinar production service, Concept LIVE.

We created Concept LIVE following a demand for an affordable and reliable streaming platform. The webinar system supports LIVE Video Production and Streaming, as well as scheduled (specific or broad) web broadcasts.

A system that delivers more than 'just embedded streaming'

Furthermore, our system has been designed with corporate requirements in mind. If a company wishes to stream a Health And Safety Training Video (that we can also film if required), a questionnaire can follow the webcast. Likewise, if a company streams a LIVE event (with LIVE Video Production) – for instance at an AGM, the system supports a LIVE viewer feedback system. Viewer questions can be sent to your back-stage team who can research answers and then feed the viewer questions and information to front-of-camera presenters, etc.

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    Concept LIVE Analytics - know when and who has watched

    The Concept LIVE Webinar system can also provide detailed reports on session viewer attendance, as well as a recorded audit of the complete interaction system.

    We test, optimise and report on site suitability prior to streams going live.

    If you are running a LIVE event, we will always undertake a ‘Site Internet Connectivity Survey’ to confirm the suitability of both your internet connection and 4G mobile internet strength. We operate with ‘redundancy’ – meaning that if one internet connection drops, a second stream takes its place, mitigating against broadcast disruption.

    • Complete Webinar Video Streaming Platform.
    • Built to corporate requirements.
    • On-Location Video Production and Streaming Facilities
    • Complete audience feedback and analytic reporting.